Center Township of Howard County, Indiana

213 East Jefferson Street

PO Box 905
Kokomo, IN 46903


Message from the Trustee

As we enter into this great holiday season, it is appropriate to pause and consider the real cause of our combined celebrations. In this season many of our self-imposed barriers are knocked down or at least subjugated as we focus on peace in the midst of our stormy society. We as a people and a nation are certainly not without culpability in our common ills, but through it all, we remain a nation blessed by God for which we should all give thanks. Consider also, that the winter holidays are also one of the most depressing periods of the year for those who are disenfranchised, and down and out. It is also a rough time for our men and women in the Armed Forces at home and abroad; our first responders who serve 24/7 and should be focal points of our thanks.

We, your township government offer our services and thanks for the privilege of serving you, our neighbors, families, and friends. May our good be crowned with brotherhood, and may it stretch from sea to shining sea.

Your Trustee,

Robert A. Lee

New Indiana Transparency Dashboard

The Department of Local Government Finance (“Department”), in partnership with the Indiana Business Research Center (“IBRC”), pursuant to IC 5-14-3.9, has recently released an online dashboard for political subdivisions. Click the on image below to go to the dashboard.

How to Use the Interactive Dashboard

Easy—just type in the name of a county, city, town, school corporation or other local government unit and then choose from the "auto-list" that appears to help you get an exact match. From there, you will see the dashboard appear— and you can switch the Data View from Change to Quartile to Sparkline—and see what those views can tell you about the taxes and finances of the unit you choose!,

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