About The Payee Program

What is a Payee?

 In our country there is more than 8 million people who get monthly Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits. Many of these adults and children need help managing their benefits and the Social Security office will appoint a Representative Payee that will receive their benefits for the recipient. The Representative Payee is given authority to make sure that the receipts bills are paid for and money is  spent first in the places the payee needs the most such as basic necessities of life. 

Our Program

Center Township has one of the best  Representative Payee Programs in the area, Tracy Rogers, where under the direction of our Trustee and Payee Program Supervisor oversees more than 70+ payees in a given year. Our program is to help payees be able to maximize their benefits by making budgets and paying their bills in a organized fashion. 


If you have questions about our payee program, or would like to apply please feel free to contact our office.