Center Township of Howard County, Indiana

213 East Jefferson Street

PO Box 905
Kokomo, IN 46903


Message from the Trustee

As we approach the time of preparation of our 2018 budget, we look forward to increased partnership with our Community Service Providers, and new ventures with others. We have already participated in the Haynes-Apperson Festival, and look forward to partnering with the Indiana Black Expo in a Back to School Rally on August 5.

We continue to stand ready to provide the basic necessities of life to our clients while assisting them with a hand up to achieve self-sufficiency for themselves. We will continue to provide insight to the public about the functions of the office as mandated by the laws of our State.

We also stand ready to come to your organization with presentations about our office and the services we provide, and you are encouraged to come visit us, have a cup of java and a bit of conversation. Team Trustee wishes you a happy and prosperous Summer season.

Trustee Robert A Lee

How Budget Planning Takes Place

State law requires the township to prepare a budget beginning with the ending of the first half of the fiscal year. Through a series of meetings described below the budget is prepared with the participation of state entities and the local township board. The process includes:

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