2015 Goodfellows Holiday Schedule
Novemeber 4th & 5th
6pm - 8pm
Early Bird Applications
Nov. 30th thru Dec. 4th
6pm - 8pm
Goodfellow Applications
December  13th thru 18th Goodfellow Shopping

Application Requirements for Goodfellow Assistance

A note from the director,

"First, let me say how proud and blessed I have been to be a part of the Goodfellow organization for the past 30 Christmas seasons. It has been fantastic. I've watched a lot of youngsters grow up in this business and in some ways consider them family. Some folks bring pictures and let me know how things are going. Secondly, I would be remiss if I did not publicly mention the "We Care" organization and the fine work they do in providing funds for the Goodfellows of Kokomo. They have been very much a part of what the Goodfellows are all about for the past (55) years. It has been an excellent relationship and I look forward to the coming holiday season. And last, but not least, I would like to thank all the Goodfellows volunteers, who without them, there would be no Goodfellow program. I thank them for their dedication and commitment to this worthwhile program."

 Jean Paul Lushin, 
Program Director,



The Goodfellows started many years ago when the employees of the Kokomo Tribune decided that it would be far better to give than to receive. Instead of exchanging gifts among themselves, they opted to pool their resources and give food and gifts to a needy family. The first year it was one family -- the next year it was two -- and so on. Today, Goodfellows makes more than 2500 children smile each year.And, "Goodfellows make children smile"  is the Goodfellows' motto or as some would say our "tag line".

Families who are determined eligible for Goodfellow services are given Goodfellow Gift Certificates redeemable at the local Meijer store during special days and at special times. The amount of the voucher is determined by the number of children in the family and their ages. In recent years, because of the good economy and the need for expanded educational opportunities -- Goodfellows decided to invest even more in the youth of the community by including Scholarships as a Goodfellow service. They have endowed a significant amount of money with the Community Foundation for the Destination Education program and hope to eventually reach an endowment of $100,000. In addition to the Destination Education effort, Goodfellows have also endowed a sizable amount of funds with the IVY Tech State College.

We believe that the cycle of poverty can only be broken through education. Education leads to self respect, responsibility, and eventual self - sufficiency.

"Goodfellows Make Children Smile"