Additional Information, and REQUIREMENTS for Township assistance

Residency Eligibility


In order to qualify for township assistance  applicants must meet the

Residency requirements- All applicants must live in Center Township of Howard County and must be able to prove residency .If you are not sure if you address is in Center Township give our office a call or stop by an we can help you figure it out

Income Eligibilty

Income Guidelines

Income requirements- Center Township of Howard County follows the income guidelines and it varies depending on household size. The chart above list the different levels and the amount your monthly income can be to qualify 

Other Eligibility Requirements



An applicant must complete an "Application for Township Assistance TA-1" & a "Disclosure and Release of Information".   Both forms must be signed by all adult members of the household.  In addition, all adult members must complete and sign all other documents, forms, or instruments required by Indiana Law.  These are necessary for our caseworkers  to determine  an applicant's eligibility as per the township's "Standards and Guidelines".